La Sabila Holistic Therapy Center - In-House Rules

At La Sabila, we are committed to providing a safe, respectful, and transformative environment for all guests participating in our holistic therapy programs, including psychedelic-assisted therapy. To ensure the well-being and comfort of everyone, we have established the following in-house rules:


1. Confidentiality and Privacy:
Respect the confidentiality and privacy of fellow guests and staff. What is shared within the center stays within the center.
Do not disclose personal information or experiences of others without their explicit consent.


2. Responsible Substance Use:
If participating in psychedelic-assisted therapy, adhere to the prescribed dosage and guidelines provided by our trained therapists.
Refrain from sharing or distributing substances to others.


3. Respectful Conduct:
Treat all guests, staff, and the natural environment with respect, kindness, and empathy.
Avoid disruptive or aggressive behavior that may disturb others or compromise their safety.


4. Mindfulness and Intention:
Approach the therapy sessions with a clear and positive intention, focusing on personal growth and healing.
Practice mindfulness and self-awareness throughout your stay.


5. Safety and Well-being:
Follow safety protocols and guidelines provided by our staff.
Report any discomfort, concerns, or adverse reactions promptly to our trained therapists.


6. Environmental Respect:
Help maintain the cleanliness and natural beauty of our surroundings. Dispose of waste properly and minimize your environmental impact.
Do not harm or disturb local flora and fauna.


7. Alcohol and Substance-Free:
While on our premises, we maintain an alcohol and substance-free environment. Refrain from consuming alcohol or non-prescribed substances during your stay.


8. Compliance with Local Laws:
Abide by Ecuadorian laws and regulations during your time at La Sabila.
Do not engage in any illegal activities, including the possession or distribution of controlled substances.


9. Guest Limitations:
Guests must meet the eligibility criteria for participation in psychedelic-assisted therapy programs. Consult with our team for suitability assessments.


10. Follow Therapist Guidance: - During therapy sessions, follow the guidance and instructions provided by our experienced therapists. - Trust the process and allow it to unfold naturally.


11. Integration Support: - Participate in integration sessions and support offered post-therapy to ensure a comprehensive healing experience.


12. Open Communication: - If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, do not hesitate to communicate with our staff. We are here to assist you.


13. Check-out Procedures: - Upon departure, ensure that all personal belongings are collected, and the room is left in good condition.

Failure to adhere to these in-house rules may result in your removal from the center. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a safe and nurturing environment for all participants.

Welcome to La Sabila, where healing and personal growth begin.

These in-house rules are designed to promote safety, respect, and mindfulness during the holistic therapy experience at La Sabila. They help create a supportive atmosphere where guests can fully engage in their transformative journey.

Meet the Team

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Kimberly Foster

Vice President

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Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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